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Pricing .
multimodal transportation .


Pricing in multimodal transportation has a number of features.

Multimodal transportations involve at least two types of transport. In most cases, sea carriages are applied. At the same time, prices in the shipping market are extremely dynamic and changing at least every month.

It should be borne in mind that the rate of sea transportation includes the following basic parameters:

  • BOF ("basic ocean freight") – sea freight particulary;
  • OTHC ("origin terminal handling charges") - costs of loading at the port of departure;
  • DTHC ("destination terminal handling charges") - cost of unloading at the port of destination;
  • CAF ("currency adjustment factor") - amendment to the exchange rates, calculated as a percentage of BOF;
  • BAF ("bunker adjustment factor") - surcharge for bunker fuel, calculated in USD per TEU (equivalent to a 20-foot container);
  • ISPS or the SEC ("security charges") - port security charge;
  • ISPS or the SEC ("security charges") - port security charge;

Depending on the region, season, sea line other expenses may arise. Thus, in the summer-autumn period allowance PSS ("peak season surcharge") is introduced in connection with the growing volume of traffic or PCS ("port congestion surcharge") - in connection with the overload of container port area, WNS ("winter surcharge") - surcharge for ice pilotage in the ports with ice- prone areas (e.g., St. Petersburg) – it is usually introduced from 1 December to 31 March, etc. Also note that each line determines the maximum container loan period ("demurrage") after its discharge from the ship. It varies and usually ranges from 2 to 21 days. This means that during this time onr needs to have time to deliver the container “to door” and return it back to the port. In excess of the period the daily fee is charged (typically, 10-30 EUR / day). These dates are important, because sometimes necessary transport can be overloaded and the amount of penalty may reduce certain benefits to nothing.

These and many other factors are necessary to be considered when organizing a multi-modal transportation. Otherwise, additional unplanned expenditures are very likely to occur. That is why multimodal transportation can be entrusted only to true professionals.